With Seaborough in the lead, we headed into our second sports day.  It was lovely morning with family and friends coming along to support the children.

The younger children started with balancing a bean bag on their heads whilst walking around the track and Years 3 and 4 then stepped up to balance a ball on a tennis racket. All of the children then ran a short sprint race and a longer distance up and down the temporary track. After the toddler race, we ran the obstacle race, jumping over a bench, balancing a ball on a racket, skipping, going through a hula hoop and under a cargo net. Then the adults had a go at this obstacle race.

 The scores on the day:

Windwhistle – 150

Seaborough – 143

Bincombe – 182

 Overall the scores for Sports Day are:

Windwhistle – 653

Seaborough – 816

Bincombe – 775