Welcome to Oak Class

We are a mixed Reception, Year 1 and 2 class. Our classroom is bright and has lots of resources to help us with our learning.  We are very lucky to have our own outside area where we can explore and develop our own learning.  All of us enjoy school and cannot wait to show you what we have been up to.

Who’s who?

Mrs Kay Dawson Senior Class Teacher

Mrs Mandy Diaper HLTA






This term our topic is Dinosaurs and the Jurassic Coast. We were very excited to have our learning published in the local Misterton Magazine.





During remote learning this term, I will be sharing photos from those of you learning at home and those of you who are at school. We will continue to celebrate wonderful learning, reading achievements, house points and Green Leaves.


While we learn at School and home – Week 8: 1st March 2021

End of the week achievements 

Chinese New Year started on the 12th February. This week, as part of our reading activities we read and followed  instructions to make a Chinese Lantern.  Well done Oliver you are the first to make their lantern.

Matthew has now sent us a picture of his lantern. Mrs Hodder enjoyed making one too!

I thought you would like to see a photo of our display showing the learning from the children who have been at school. 


While we learn at School and home – Week 7: 22nd  February 2021

End of the week achievements 

Mr Pearse, our English Lead asked us to write poems to thank the wonderful paramedics and hospital staff for all they are doing during this time. This gives our children a real purpose for their writing. We hope our poems will brighten their day and make them smile.

We have chosen to focus our poems on Paramedics as we had spoken to Mrs Gosden’s sister last term. She is a training paramedic.

Our poems will be based on a rhyme by AA Milne.

Matthew and Oliver completed some of their learning at home and school. They sent me photos of their rhymes. They both told me that they forget to use finger spaces. We will make sure they remember these when they wrote their poems this week.

Willow Cole sent me a bumper email with lots of learning this week. She loved her maths learning and was very confident during our live lesson showing her understanding of numbers to 50.  Willow has remembered to think about the presentation of her learning; her handwriting is very neat and small. Well done Willow.



While we learn at School and home – Week 6: 8th February 2021

End of the week achievements 


Willow Marsh’s mum did a word quiz for her. She had been getting her b and d the wrong way round. Something which quite a few of us need help with. Her mum was very pleased to see she had remembered her b today. Well done Willow.

While we learn at School and home – Week 5: 1st February 2021

End of the week achievements 

Sky sent me an email full of wonderful learning.  She has continued from where she left off at the end of last week. She particularly excelled in Maths. A subject she enjoys at school and while remote learning at home. Well done Sky.


Willow C joined us for our Live Lesson. We talked about the word PEACE and what it means to us. The children at home and school watched a power point and drew what peace means to them. We also shared out ideas on our class Teams channel.  Peace to Willow in her words: “I am most at peace when I am with Mum, Dad, Sissy and the dogs because we all love each other”

Willow had a busy week. She enjoyed watching Mrs Dawson’s peace power point and thought about what the word peace means to her. She completed her maths, practised her spellings and even found time to make a painting brush! I love what she has used for the bristles. Very creative Willow.

Wren wrote a letter to her gran because she missed her. I am very pleased with her writing and can see that she spotted her i should be a capital letter. Wren cycled to the post box to post her letter. I bet her gram loved to receive it. Well done Wren.


Matthew and Oliver started the week by watching the online assembly about Child’s Mental Health Week. They chose to write about their feelings. I love the Lego people.  Very creative drawings and honest words about how they feel.



While we learn at School and home – Week 4: 25th January 2021

End of the week achievements 


This week Sky focussed on her English tasks.  She coloured in the common exception words she could read and worked out what the long oo words were. In her teddy adventure Sky impressed me with her editing skills. She sent me her first draft which was good although she had forgotten those important full stops and capital letters. I asked her to check and within minutes she had sent me a new photo. Well done Sky.


Chloe made myself and her mum extremely proud of her. She enjoyed watching my PowerPoint and then independently planned and wrote her own story. We can all guess who her teddy met when going back in time! I do love your work station Chloe, very organised and very grown up.



Matthew and Oliver had fun building a reading tent, which they shared with their teddies.  After reading they completed their maths. You an see they have worked hard to learn the column method.


Christopher had a very productive week. He designed a whale toy then using an old bed sheet he made it using his Mum’s sewing machine. He also included lights to make it light up in the dark. He was very proud of himself and so he should be. Well done Christopher.


While we learn at School and home – Week 3: 18th January 2021

Who completed my Bonus House Point activities this week? 

Christopher      Seren      Genevieve     Wren     Poppi     Annie – Rae     Chloe  

Max and Mason have worked hard this week. Mason has been trying hard to keep his writing neat and Max is loving Maths.


Matthew ended the week on a real high – he completed all his maths learning and enjoyed showing his mum how we add and subtract in school.

Oliver worked hard all week learning to add using the column method.  Look at the concentration on his face. Well done Oliver.

Willow Cole has impressed her mum with her amazing reading.  She has completed extra learning and found time to be creative with cardboard boxes!. Receiving emails from happy, proud parents makes my day. Well done Willow.



Chloe has been busy, completing her phonics and making sure she gets some exercise whatever the weather!

Matthew and Oliver compared their teddy with their Mums. Mrs Hodder had had this teddy bear since she was a baby. Matthew’s teddy was a Christmas present.

Amazing Achievements to end another busy week in Oak Class






Willow has been extremely busy, so far she this week she has worked with money to make amounts, practised her spellings and completed one of the activities following on from the Panto.  What would you choose for a healthy meal?



So what have Oak class been up to? Here are some photos from the first two weeks.

Did you watch the Pantomime? Mrs Dawson rearranged the classroom as a theatre and we were shown to our seats by Mrs Diaper.  During the interval we were served a treat. Willow, Matthew and Oliver enjoyed the show at home.



Chloe has continued to produce some lovely art work at home. Can you guess which famous Wizard inspired this masterpiece?


Seren and Genevieve have been busy at school. They have enjoyed working with the children in Cedar class. They produced a timeline showing important dates and times in their lives. Can you spot what  Seren learnt to ride and the year Genevieve was born?



Christopher has been enjoying the best of two places to learn – at school and home!  I love the den he made under his bed. I hope his teddies listened carefully as he read! He completed his maths and showed a secure understanding of adding.




Willow also made a reading den and achieved her 30 reads certificate.





Chloe has earnt her 50 reads certificate. Well done. I wonder which books she enjoys reading most?


Will you try to earn more house points next week by completing my bonus point activities?

Our New Reception Children


What is it like to be in Oak Class?

During the school day, children work directly with a teacher or adult on specific activities. The Early Years Foundation Stage children are provided with continuous provision around the classroom and engaging activities to do with the teacher or an adult.  The children enjoy working together for some activities.