Mr Forsey’s Weekly Challenge!

Welcome to Mr Forsey’s Weekly Challenge page!

This is where I will be uploading all your scores and house points from my weekly challenge. Make sure you keep checking the page to see what everyone has been up to!

Week 5: The perfect paper plane challenge!
Oliver’s plane had a swift Captain America design on it, and Matthew used inspiration for Dinosaurs! Great work boys! (+2hp)

Sky made a plane that looks like the Red Arrows! Has anyone seen the Red Arrows before? (+2hp)

Week 4: The teabag challenge!
Joseph had a go every day for this challenge, and managed to score 400 points on Tuesday! Very impressive Joseph! (+3hp)


Week 3: Obstacle Course!
Chloe  (Or should I say Snow White!)  had loads of fun with her obstacle course! She even had a target shot! Well Done Chloe! (+3hp)

Week 2: Fruit and Vegetables!
Finley had a go at being a tomato this week! Well done! (+2hp)

Matthew and Oliver had a go at drawing themselves as fruits! I love the detail! (+2hp)


Week 1: The sock challenge!
Look at Joseph’s scores! I might have to make these challenges more difficult! (+5hp!)

Finley gave himself a real challenge with quite a small target, however he got a great of 19! Well done Finley! (+2hp)


Christopher got 10 in his target! Well done Christopher! (+2hp)
Sienna also gave the challenge a go! (+2hp)