Wednesday 22nd March 2017

For Emily, Sophia and Rebecca it was climbing for their final day!

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Tuesday 21st March 2017

After Disco Selfies with Miss Wines

IMG_1836[1] IMG_1835[1] IMG_1835[1] IMG_1834[2]

Party time – dressed up and ready for the Disco!


Yesterday afternoon was bush craft and grass sledging!

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Time out relaxing in the sunshine!!

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Monday 20th  March 2017

I have heard from Miss Wines this morning that the children were all asleep by 10.30am and they had a full nights sleep but up at 6 am for a shower!  They had a full breakfast of cereal and cooked. Yesterday Emily, Sophia and Rebecca did low ropes, Hannah, Maddie and Lilly Marie did team building activities.

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The girls unpacking and relaxing in their room before they head out on their activities.

Kilve 13

Ready for dinner



We waved goodbye to Emily, Sophia, Lilly-Marie, Hannah, Maddie and Rebecca as they boarded the coach to head off on their school residential.  We wish them good weather and a fantastic time. Keep watching our website for more updates!

In the Library ready and waiting to go!

Kilve 12

The coach has arrived and off they go!

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