The Year 1 children were invited to Perrott Hill School to take part in Forest School activities. They had an amazing time and made some creative art pieces.  They made bows, clocks, necklaces, bracelets and dream catchers.  The children worked with a variety of equipment which they did safely.  There were other school children there too. Mrs Diaper and Mr Loveless were very proud of our children’s behaviour.  You can see by the photos they all had fun!

“Making the dream catcher was my favourite thing, I used 4 different colours of wool” – Emma

“I made a bow and arrow” – Presley

“We made clay animals and performed a puppet show” – Mia

“It was so good, I’d love to come again” – Evie

I had a great time, I loved all of the activities” – Giulio

“Thank you for inviting us, I had a brilliant time” – Summer

“The scones were my favourite, they were delicious” – Eliza

“I liked spreading the jam on top of the scones” – Ashton

“I enjoyed toasting marshmallows over the fire” – Melissa

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