Collective Worship Leaders

Our Collective Worship Leads lead our Collective Worship on Tuesday 22nd October

During collective worship our leads used ‘The Learning Compass’ to talk about the future and worked out how old they would be in 2030. They each told the school what they would want to be when they are older.  At first they were very nervous but the children listened to them and asked questions. It was lovely to see them take the lead and enjoy what they were saying. A big Thank You to Mrs Parry for helping them get prepared. We all look forward to their next Collective Worship.


Collective Worship Leads

We are really excited to introduce our new Collective Worship Leaders for 2019 2020.

Teegan, Presley, Giulio, Summer, Eliza, Ashton and Mia are already being helping hands to the teachers and visitors who are leading the school in Collective Worship.

This term they will be starting to support other children with their understanding of the values that we are focusing on each term. They will also be working as a team to plan their own Collective Worship sessions across the year.

In the Autumn term our Leaders are working towards achieving their Bronze Award.

We will keep you updated on their progress!

Miss Ball
Collective Worship Leader Coordinator