Across the Ashlands and Misterton Federation we have many celebrations and events which reflect and embody our Christian character. Many of them follow the Anglican calendar and others are key events where the children and adults reflect on aspects of their life and identity, their place in our community or society or ways in which they can affect others’ lives. Below are just a flavour of what we have done since 2018 – 2020.  We will try to update these as we celebrate through the year.

Proud Wall

During this time of social distancing we are continuing to celebrate the children’s achievements with Proud Wall Certificates. We are building a wall below with all the children’s achievements.

Harvest Festival – October 2019

We held our annual Harvest Festival service in church on the 10th October. The children were all asked to bring in food items to support the local charity ‘The Lord’s Larder’.  The parents and children were incredibly generous.

This year each family were asked to created an animal using recycled materials.  This was to support our Environmental Hero topic across the Federation and to enable the children to think about how their actions can affect others in their community and across the world.

The children all participated in a Harvest Activity morning before going to the Church, Thankful pumpkins, leaf sun catchers,Hedgehog Bread and lolly-pop stick scarecrows kept the children thinking about our Service and they shared some super ideas about God and the world that he created.  They also talked about how we need to continue to look after this world for generations to come!

Easter Service – April 2019

Our Easter Service took place on Thursday 4th April.  Each class celebrated in their own way with a range of songs, poems and readings.  The Year Three and Four children worked together in groups and read beautifully – giving their audience both the bible verse alongside their own ‘current speak’ version.

Christingle Service – January 2019

The children made their own christingle in school, exploring the symbolism for each element of the finished product.  They took these to the Service where they were then lit by Rev. Morris.  The feeling of wonder and awe was simply lovely.

Christmas Celebrations – December 2018

Our Christmas Nativity held at St Leonard’s Church was an opportunity for us to celebrate the story of the birth of Jesus and the importance of this in the Christian Calandar with our parents and local community.  Every child from Early Years up through to Year Four had a part to play and it was truly a joyous experience for all.  It was pleasing to see many of our parents at both the afternoon and evening service!

Children in Need – November 2018

We had so much fun this year on Children in Need Day. The School Council came up with the great idea to come into school on Children In Need day dressed as the school staff. We had the School Inspectors visiting, Crossing patrol and lots of new teachers. In reverse the adults had to come into school dressed as the pupils and we had to be on our best behaviour!

WW1 Centenary Remembrance Service – November 2018

Across the Autumn term 2018 2019 each class took time to remember the people who had given their lives to enable us to live the lives we do now.  The children worked with a local Willow artist to create a willow wreath which they laid in a very special ceremony at The Misterton Chapel on  Sunday November 11th.  They also created a Poppy Archway which decorated the entrance to the church.  The children were welcomed to celebrate by singing a song they had learnt in Collective Worship at school.