Cedar Class

Thank you for visiting the Cedar Class webpage. We are a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 students. This page will hopefully show you what we get up to in our classroom and show you how much fun we have while learning.

The adults in our class:


Miss Alice Wines Class Teacher


Mrs Sue Parry Higher Level Teaching Assistant












Hopefully this page will show you the learning and fun we have in  Cedar class.

30 days wild- Cards with ideas for 30 days wild. This resource will be available on this webpage only for half term as part of Cedar classes’ homework project.

30 days wild card ideas

The last week of this half term will be a focus PSHE week. Here is all the lesson plans for Year 1 to Year 4 for you to see what we are learning in class and encourage discussions about this learning at home.

Year 1

Inside my wonderful body!
Keeping privates private
Surprises and secrets
Taking care of a baby
Then and now
Who can help_ (2)

Year 2


A helping hand
Basic first aid
Haven't you grown!
My body, your body
Respecting privacy
Sam moves away

Year 3


Basic first aid
Body space
My changing body
Relationship tree
Secret or surprise_

Year 4


All change!
Basic first aid
Moving house
My feelings are all over the place!
Preparing for changes at puberty (formerly Period positive_preparing for periods)



Kilve Court

The Year Fours have arrived at Kilve! After a quick bus trip we arrived here just in time for lunch! Perfect timing!

The children are all set up in their rooms (its like they’ve been here a week!) and completed their first activities.

From the photos below, you will see the children are in activity groups and have enjoyed a range of activities already this afternoon. Ruby was a superstar at Grass Sledging, Shania and Summer are fantastic climbers and Marlie is great at belaying to support other wall climbers.

Ruby thought Grass sledging was fun but so was rolling down the hill the end!

Summer was amazing at climbing up the climbing wall

Harvey ready and waiting for his turn at the climbing wall

Marlie supporting Summer to climb up the wall

Finley cruising down the grass sledging hill


Emily, Shania and Reuben getting ready to climb and then climbing the wall- great teamwork!

Last night we completed a whole group activity, an orienteering activity called ‘Jumblies’. Torches at the ready!

Day 2

Good morning! All the children are up and ready to go after a good night’s sleep. The teachers are very impressed! From the smell of it breakfast will be a cooked one! All the children will be going for a walk up the Quantocks this morning and then building a shelter.

Photos of the brilliant Quantock walk and shelter building. We had absolutely fantastic weather and brilliant views. Some of the children saw a herd of deer in the distance!

Group shot! Halfway up the mountain!

Summer building a den with her group


Misterton shelter with a stone wall, stick extension and thatch roof!

Ruby’s shelter with her group- check out the great stick laying!

This afternoon a range of activities again. Low ropes, grass sledging and archery to name a few.



This term our topic is Eco-Citizens, we are thinking about the world around us and how we can be better citizens to improve our world.

Topic Web: Cedar Yr 3 topic web autumn

Cedar Yr 4 topic web

Here is a time table of our day:

In English, we learn to write a range of texts and fiction stories. We start with images to build a class story or text this will then be developed into an independent story.

In Maths, we are using practical resources to work with three and four digit numbers. We work hard to explain our reasoning and answer problem solving questions.

Where we can, we learn cross-curricular. We may use Science to perfect our writing skills or RE to practise our drawing skills. We do however do as much work as we can outside. We are very lucky to have a great outdoor space that we can use to support our learning.


Here is a picture of us blackberry picking in the field!