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Thank you for visiting the Cedar Class webpage. We are a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 students. This page will hopefully show you what we get up to in our classroom and show you how much fun we have while learning.

The adults in our class:


Miss Alice Wines Class Teacher


Mrs Sue Parry Higher Level Teaching Assistant










Mrs Sharon Harris Higher Level Teaching Assistant

January 2021

While we are remote learning I will post work and activities that Cedar class have been doing while learning at home. Keep up the amazing work.

Here are some ideas for activities to get you started:

Practise your Maths challenge, this could be done using games online like Maths Frame or TT Rockstars or you could done practically, writing it down or using playing cards to create a game.

Read a good book, this could be your reading book or this could be a good book or series you enjoy reading.

The CBBC Channel from Monday 11th January are showing educational programmes called bitesize starting from 9am.

Joe Wicks is going to be leading Youtube exercise videos 3 times a week

Green leaves

Green Leaves spr 2 week 2

House points

cedar house points tally chart 1.3

Spring term part II

Examples of work from last week. We had a poetry focus and measuring in Maths


House points

cedar house points tally chart 22.2

Green leaves

Green Leaves spr 2 week 1

Have a look at Deven’s poem and great work this week.


Sienna has been working hard this week too, look at her acrostic poem for Spring:

Summer also enjoyed the English and French this week

End of term rewards line up

House points

cedar house points tally chart 8.2

Green leaves

Green Leaves spr 1 week 6

Ruby’s silver certificate

Proud wall

Sienna and Deven Feb 2021 conference

Have a great half term! 🙂


Ruby’s Mum has been so impressed with how hard Ruby has been working at home. She loved our Science work and bird focus week. Keep it up Ruby!! 🙂

George created a great piece of fake news of a flying car in Crewkerne!


Deven’s been busy at home, it looks like she has mastered washing for her Science experiment (bet Mum and Dad are pleased!)


Green leaves

Green Leaves spr 1 week 5

House points

cedar house points tally chart 1.2


This week we have had a Science focus week for our States of Matter topic. Have a look at all the great work that Cedar class has been up to.

Instead of drawing the cave for Guided reading Lily decided to make it! How great is this model!!

Finley enjoyed the Science this week, wrote me a great letter on Friday and has completed 90 reads!

George has completed some great work this week and used a gnome ‘Jeff’ which he used as inspiration for his story!

Deven has worked hard this week too!

Marlie was out on a walk at the weekend and found some ice in a puddle, she decided to take it home and complete some experiments with it.

Joseph has worked hard on his Maths work this week and enjoyed the puzzles in phonics


Have a look at Sienna’s work this week

Green leaves

Green Leaves spr 1 week 4

House points

cedar house points tally chart 25.1

Here are some photos of the fantastic work from Cedar class, they have loved taking part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

Here is some of Sienna’s great work, check out her great wishing tale and fantastic bird feeder.

Look at Sienna’s amazing poster explaining how people can care for birds and be a ‘bird buddy!’ what great work!

This is George’s birdfeeder, how perfect a rainbow came out!


Harvey emailed with pictures of his work


Here are photos of Joseph’s maths and phonics, hope you all enjoyed the crack the code task!

Deven has been busy this week too, she also enjoyed making a bird feeder to entice the birds to her garden, she’s also worked hard on her Maths and English.

Finley loved the art project for bird week and with help created a fantastic piece of work, they took inspiration from the garden to include 2 trees and a bird nest. To finish, Finley included his cats. Lovely work!

Finley also used a computer to create this poster encouraging people to take care of birds in the environment.


Summer has worked hard to write a wishing tale, maths and made  lots of different bird feeders to tempt the birds in her garden




Green leaves

Green Leaves spr 1 week 3


Here are some photos of the great work happening in Cedar class, what busy bees they are!

Lily has made a great start on bird week and made this great little robin:

Summer has created her own flashcards to help learn her timestables, created a plan for her maths and draw a lovely picture of a robin.

Sienna has created a great plan for her story writing and drawn some beautiful birds


Joseph has been off to a good start with his work


George was very creative yesterday and used his ipad to draw pictures of birds for our bird themed week.


Green leaves

Green Leaves spr 1 week 3


Check out Joseph’s great work.  I am particularly impressed with his stone age tools!

After learning how Stone Age people made their own paint, Reuben used charcoal from his fireplace to create these Stone Age themed pictures!

Sienna has worked hard on her innovated wishing tale this week:


Deven has earned her 70 reads and completed some great work at home this week:


Finley has been working hard again this week, he created a Stone Age information booklet, completed some great Maths work and reached 80 reads!


For her Stone Age project Summer researched Stone Age food. She found out that in the Stone Age they made Oak cakes, she found the recipe and then made her own.


Have a look at Hugo’s Stone Age Settlement. I really like how he made The Stone Age round houses!

Deven has got a new desk to help with her remote learning. Look how grown up she looks!

Sienna has worked hard all week on her remote learning. Sienna loves the word of the day challenge


George’s Mum has been really impressed with his Maths work, well done George!


Finley has been a Maths whiz too!

Finley sent me these photos of him baking and the results. Doesn’t this cake look scrummy?

Summer has been working hard too


Green leaves

Green Leaves spr 1 week 2
week 11.1

House points

cedar house points tally chart 11.1

Word of the day

Sorry word of the day was missed off the overview for this week. Here is a list for the week and the picture for today’s word.

Monday’s word of the day is humble

Tuesday: envious

Wednesday: promising

Thursday: imposing

Friday: idyllic


Joseph has been a superstar with his Maths work!

Have a look at Sienna’s neat layout for her work, well done Sienna

Sienna has reached 70 reads! Well done Sienna!

Here is a photo of Sienna’s letter.

Deven was busy last week, Deven has created fact files about different animals. Have a look!

Here are some photos of Finley’s work from last week, have a read of his letter- its fab!


Summer was busy last week, I love her timeline of events for her life!

Harvey has had a great week working at home and his Mum is really proud of his work. As a treat over the weekend he has made a bird house. Well done Harvey!


Sienna’s great work this week


Joseph’s work while remote learning. Well done Joseph


House points this week:

cedar house points tally chart 8.1

Green leaves:

Green Leaves spr 1 week 1

In School, the key worker Children created timelines of their lives. Here are some pictures of the important events in their lives.

Our new topic this term is The Stone Age, here are some ideas of what Cedar class wants to learn about:

  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Houses
  • Toys
  • What children did
  • How they evolved