Welcome to our new School Council!

The children who were interested in being school councils nominated themselves and gave a small speech to their class about why they wanted to be Councillors and why they would be good at the job. We then held a secret election and were excited to find out the results.

Our School Council:



R: Finley and Marlie

Yr 1: Lily and Sienna

Yr 2: Presley and Evie

Yr 3: Alfie and Tom

Yr 4: Samuel and Juliet.


New equipment

The PTA have very kindly agreed to donate money for equipment for the children in the school to play with at break and lunchtime. The school council have been tasked with talking to the two classes and finding out what sort of equipment the children would like to play with and then find where to get the equipment. We shall update more when we find out the results from talking to the classes and our latest meeting.


Picture News

We were lucky to be entered in to a draw to win a set of resources for weekly news. We were sent a parcel including a posters and a question for us to reflect on during worship. The question was “Is life more exciting when we take risks?’ Before the collective worship each class discussed this question. Oak class looked at different places to explore, what would be fun about going to these places and what could be a risk. Cedar class researched the lives of two explorers; Amelia Earhart and Edmund Hilary. The School council were very brave and ran collective worship for an afternoon asking children from school to contribute to the discussion. The children listened well to each other and in the end most of us decided that it was more exciting to explore and take risks than to never explore our world.







Children in Need

We have decided as Children in Need is ‘Do you thing’ then we will come to school dressed up in our outfits we wear for our hobby or sport. This could be football kit, running gear or gymnastics outfit. We can’t wait to see your outfits, don’t forget that pound for Children in Need!

New charity annouced

The School Council have decided to support Cancer research as our chosen charity this year. We really want to complete a sponsored run at the school and get the adults in school running too!


Coffee morning

This week we helped Mrs Hunt at the MacMillian coffee morning. We served parents tea and cake while they spent time together having a chat. We were great waiters and waitresses.


Our first meeting!

Today we welcomed our brand new school council and discussed what our role as school council would be. We talked about the books we have in our classes where we can ask adults to write things down. We also talked about our chosen charity and how well we did last year raising money for School in a bag.