Primary School Sports Funding

PE at Misterton!

All classes take part in at least one PE lesson per week. We take in turns having PE sessions run by a specialist coaches across the year.  Our teachers stay with us for these sessions so that they can continue to learn how to develop our movement and skills.  Over the past couple of years our Specialist Coaches from Pro-Coaching have taught us Dance, Gymnastics, Games, Archery, Boccia, Athletics – just to name a few of our favourites!  These lessons take place on our field.

In the Early Years and KS1, as part of their PE curriculum children will learn a range of fundamental movement skills including running, jumping, balancing, throwing and catching and agility. They will begin to use some of these skills in games situations. In KS2, children will develop these skills further as they learn the rules for different sports and learn how to play as a team.

We believe that swimming is an important life skill and all our children go swimming at Crewkerne Aqua Centre during the year. From Early Years onwards, all children will swim for at least 7 weeks, first gaining water confidence and then learning and developing the different swimming strokes.  We are developing our own swimming awards to ensure our children can see their progression and understand how proud we are of them!

It is our aim to provide as many additional sport and physical development based opportunities as possible, catering for all needs and interests. We offer ‘Huff and Puff’ at playtimes and lunchtimes where we play with a range of equipment and have group games.  Each class participates in daily ‘Wake and Shake’ sessions designed to get us all moving!  We endeavour to offer a wide range of after school clubs and activities linked with movement.

What is the Sports Premium?

The PE and Sport Premium funding is provided to help schools improve the quality of PE and sport activities that they offer their pupils.  PE and Sport Premium is provided to primary schools, in additional to main school funding. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore, can only be spent on the provision of PE and sport in schools. It is for schools to decide how the PE and Sport funding is spent, since they are best placed to assess what additional provision should be made to enhance the provision for PE in school. Schools are held accountable for how they have used the additional funding.

What is the purpose of the funding?

At Misterton Church of England First School, we recognise the importance of PE and sport to the health and wellbeing of all our children.  We use the PE and Sports Premium to support our aim to ensure that our children have access to a varied PE curriculum throughout their time in school and a range of extra-curricular activities that allow them access to a different sports and opportunities to compete.   We encourage our children to understand the importance of sport and the benefits that can be gained from those opportunities, which we hope they will carry through into their adult life. We believe that every child has the opportunity to take part in a range of different activities to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle and fulfil their sporting potential, no matter what their background, age or ability.


Schools receive PE and Sport Premium Funding based on the number of pupils in Years 1 to 6.  Funding is calculated on the following basis:  Schools with 17 or more eligible

pupils now receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £5 per pupil.

2019/2020 £17,071 provisional allocation

2018/19 £17,017

2017/18 £13,424 (£8,500 initial allocation plus a £4,924 in-year central Government allocation).

2016/17 £8,476

2015/16 £8,409

2014/15 £8,450

To view the Sport Primary School Funding Allocation for this year, please click on the document below:-

2019 2020 Misterton CofE First School Sports Funding Allocation Report

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