Welcome to Oak Class

We are a mixed Reception and Year 1 class. Our classroom is bright and has lots of resources to help us with our learning.  We are very lucky to have our own outside area where we can explore and develop our own learning.  All of us enjoy school and cannot wait to show you what we have been up to.



Who’s who?

Mrs Dawson – Class Teacher
Mrs Mandy Diaper – Higher Level Teaching Assistant


What is it like to be in Oak Class?

During the school day, children work directly with a teacher or adult on specific activities. The Early Years Foundation Stage children are provided with continuous provision around the classroom and engaging activities to do with the teacher or an adult.  The year 1 children and Reception children enjoy working together for some activities.

World Book Day – 2nd March 2017

Today the children dressed up as characters from a book. The day started with a whole school assembly sharing our costumes and books. I was very impressed with the different costumes and variety of books the children are enjoying reading. Each child spoke about their character in front of an audience. I was proud of the reception children this morning. This week the year 1 children have been writing character descriptions of Jack and the Giant. Today, the children used these skills to write a character description of who they were. Their writing was fantastic and showed me their knowledge of using ‘and’ and other conjunctions to extend and join their sentences. Well done Year 1.  The reception children also drew their characters and wrote sentences about them. Well done year R. It was lovely seeing the year 1 and reception children working together across the class.  They really are a great class.


February 2017

The first half of term was very busy. The children found an egg nestled in some leaves. We carefully brought it into class as the children thought the warmth would help it to crack. We thought it might be a dragon’s egg because it was covered in small  scales.  Over the half term the children wrote dragon descriptions, labelled the parts of a dragon and worked together to create a fantastic, large and colourful dragon which is displayed in the classroom. The year 1 children wrote instructions called ‘How to trap a dragon’. They had some magnificent ideas which they wrote and added illustrations. Unfortunately our egg did not hatch and has not been seen since half term! The children seem to think the mummy  dragon must have taken it back to her nest for safe keeping.

January 2017



December 2016

The run up to the end of term has been very busy. The whole school put on a fantastic Nativity called ‘ It’s a Party’. They performed twice and were amazing. We were very lucky to perform in the church which made it extra special.


As part of our topic – People Who Help Us, we had a visit from the Ambulance service. Unfortunately, the ambulance was too large to make it onto our field so the paramedics brought in pieces of their equipment to show us. The children listened very well and asked some interesting questions.  The photos below show us trying out the equipment. We passed things around;  Ashton had his arm put in a support, Emma performed CPR, Eliza had her neck put in a brace, Deven tried out the face mask, Hugo was wrapped up in a blanket and George and Summer had bandages put on. Finally Evie had her oxygen levels tested – she is very fit :)   All the children enjoyed the experience.

img_7436 img_7444 img_7439 img_7430 img_7428 img_7424 img_7423 img_7422 img_7420 img_7419 img_7415


This half term has been very busy. We enjoyed finding out about Roald Dahl and used one of his books to write our own stories. The whole school had a fun Marvellous Medicine Day.  We made our own potions and invited our parents in for a tea party. We went on a Harvest walk around Misterton and had the opportunity to visit Coombe Farm. This was a very successful day.  The children are busy writing about the trip this week so please come back to see our writing and photos soon.

The year 1 children were set a task to make a fire engine for our role play area. The children planned, made and evaluated their finish product. I am pleased to say that the fire engine has lasted all half term.

Can you see the Reception children enjoying the fire engine?

painitng       img_2256

ladder-2     ladder

engine        reception-boys

October 2016

Trip to Coombe Farm

We were very lucky to go and visit Coombe Farm with Ash class. The day was very busy and we all had lots of fun. As part of our topic -People Who help us, we found out about where food comes from  and used different foods to make smoothies, a healthy food plate and some food tasting. We all enjoyed the fruit smoothie! We watched the cows being milked and was shown around the farm. Here are some photos to show our day.

See if you can see Mr Coath mixing the smoothie. How is he mixing it?

ashton cows george mia mr-coath plate-of-food presley giulio img_27961


November 2016

To introduce our new topic Mrs Dawson and Mrs Diaper planned a ‘WOW’ activity for the children. On Friday 4th November  the children found a bag with ingredients and a recipe.  Inside the bag there was  flour, salt, oil and yeast. The recipe was from the Little Red Hen to make bread. The children were very excited so we put our plans on hold and became bakers!