Welcome to Oak Class

We are a mixed Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 class. Our classroom is bright and has lots of resources to help us with our learning.  We are very lucky to have our own outside area where we can explore and develop our own learning.  All of us enjoy school and cannot wait to show you what we have been up to.

Who’s who?

Mrs Kay Dawson – Senior Class Teacher
Mrs Mandy Diaper – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Our New Reception

What is it like to be in Oak Class?

During the school day, children work directly with a teacher or adult on specific activities. The Early Years Foundation Stage children are provided with continuous provision around the classroom and engaging activities to do with the teacher or an adult.  The children enjoy working together for some activities.


Masaai Jewellery

As part of our topic of We All Went On A Safari, we learned about the Masaai people. We used paper plates, beads and wool to make brightly coloured jewellery like the Masaai people where.


Exploring Rhubarb

On Monday 2nd July, we were lucky enough to have a delivery of fresh rhubarb come into class. We decided to explore this and use our knowledge of plants.

We used the rhubarb leaves to print the veins.
  We used crayons to make rubbings of the patterns on the leaves.
  We used our observation skills to carefully look at and draw a leaf, taking care with the colour changes.
We then used the internet to find recipes which we could use our rhubarb to make.  


Our Class Assembly

On Friday 18th May, we invited our families in to watch, and participate in, our class assembly. Everybody got involved in making animal sculptures using that natural materials that we found in and around our field. Below are pictures of some of these creations.



Outdoor lessons

We have been spending lots of time outside, looking at the changes that are happening as the weather gets warmer.

We explored our outdoor area and looked at the flowers that were in bloom. We talked about their names and the differences between them.
  We explored the outdoor area to find different colours that could be made from natural objects. We then used these to paint a picture of an animal we have learned about in Science.

Experimenting with paint

We have been experimenting with colours, textures and patterns that we can make using paint. The children really enjoyed getting their hands dirty and talked about the texture, colour and temperature of the paint as they used it.



New Role Play Area

Misterton Parents and Teachers Association kindly donated our brand new Role Play area. We are currently using it as a classroom. We love playing teacher! Thank you Misterton PTA.


Growth and Decay

We have been exploring the themes of growth and decay over time. We planted cress seeds to watch them grow. Unfortunately, some of the seeds didn’t get enough water so they didn’t grow while we were at school. Miss Knight took them home over the holidays, here are the photos of the seeds and plants over the week off.
Sunday 11th February  
Tuesday 13th February  


Waterproof Umbrellas

  In Science, we investigated the properties of materials. We then made umbrellas using materials that we have found to be waterproof. The toy dog was mostly dry, except the paw it stuck out!

These are pictures of the umbrellas we made using foil or plastic. Korbin even made a handle for his!


Reading Rocket and Tent

To make our reading area more exciting, we now have a ‘Reading Rocket’ in our classroom. We take books into the rocket and enjoy reading and sharing books with our friends.

We also have a Reading Tent in the library where we can share books with our friends throughout the school.


Charlie the Crocodile

We had a visit from big Charlie the Crocodile on Friday 24th November. He helps us to remember the < and > symbols. The children know that Charlie ‘eats’ the biggest number.

We then went outside to find big numbers to feed to Charlie as his after-lunch snack. Look at the big numbers we found outside!


  As part of our Religious Education, the children in Reception class have learned about Diwali, the Festival of Lights, and have made Diwali Diyas from clay and decorated them.


Harvest Service and Activities

On Thursday 19th October, we mixed Oak and Ceder class to share 3 Harvest Activities.

We made Cheerio bird feeders using pipe cleaners, then shaping them.

We played Headbands to guess which different fruit or vegetable we were. We made hanging window … using natural materials such as leaves.

In the afternoon we had our Harvest Service in St Lenard’s Church.

The children in Reception performed ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ with wonderful singing and actions.

Years 1 and 2 showed Maple Leaf Dragonflies they had made from natural materials they had found on the school field.

Updated May 2018