Attendance is a priority in school and will continue to be so. If your child is absent for any reason, it is vital that you contact school: phone, write or speak to a member of staff. If you are taking a holiday during term time, it is vital that you receive permission from the Head Teacher. If we have concerns about a child’s attendance, we will contact their parent/carer. If absences fall into a regular pattern, we will be seeking the advice of the school’s Education Welfare Officer. We cannot raise standards if your child is absent, either through your child missing odd days or being late and not participating in whole class introductions and explanations.

Attendance for the year 2018/19

Months Percentage
September – October
November – December
January – February
February – March
April – May
June – July
Overall Attendance

Attendance for the year 2017/18

Months Percentage
September – October 97.9%
November – December 97.6%
January – February 98.1%
February – March 97.1%
April – May 96%
June – July 95.8%
Overall Attendance 96.4%

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