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Ellie Kading – Chair of Governors
Responsibilities: Finance, Health & Safety, Numeracy and Personnel

My son Billy is in Beech Class. I’ve worked for multinational companies for nearly 20 years which have given me a whole variety of skills ranging from negotiation to policy making and adhering to contracts. I have run my own business for several years which has given me a good understanding of finance. All my roles have enabled me to develop good communication skills and it is here I believe I will be of most use. I believe parents have a wealth of knowledge which will be of huge value to Ashlands and this role will enable me to feedback parents thoughts and concerns to the board.



Richard Barratt – Vice Chair of Governors
Responsiblilities: Personnel, CISP and Attainment (DATA)

I have lived in Crewkerne for over 12 years so understand the local context well, in particular the educational opportunities within Crewkerne.  I work at Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester as Head of Design & Technology. Previous to this role I worked at Huish Episcopi Academy as a Product Design Teacher and Head of Careers. Being a teacher allows you to understand the importance of how a quality, challenging, varied and rich education can have upon the life opportunities of young people. For these reasons I decided to become a governor believing that I could share my knowledge and skillset with the head teacher of Ashlands and Misterton schools and hold them to account by acting as a critical friend. Prior to moving into the education sector I worked with the hospitality sector and I am fully versed in business finance and staff recruitment.


Anthony Mulligan – Parent Governor
Responsibilities:  Health and Safety, Finance and Literacy

All three of our children have attended Misterton First School. Our children left full of happiness, confidence and excitement, eager to take their next steps and have both since prospered. I have a degree in combined sciences, specialising in computing and for the last twenty years, have worked in various business management roles in the Midlands and Somerset, helping to successfully set up and run new divisions as well as challenging, setting and driving their strategic objectives. I am currently employed in planning management for a local business. This experience has given me a good insight into the importance of an excellent academic and practical education. It has also emphasised the importance of developing a cheerful, respectful and optimistic self-confidence; qualities which can be heavily influenced during our formative years at school. I strongly believe in the ability of every individual to find and excel on a path in life that brings them happiness and which positively contributes to the communities in which they live. As a governor, I will support this ethos within our schools, ensuring we remain focused on providing a happy, safe and inspiring environment, suited to every pupil’s needs, as effectively as possible, with the resources at our disposal.

Liz Clemow – Associate Governor
Responsibilities:  SEND and EYFS

I am a mother of 2 children; my son is already at Ashlands and my daughter will attend in due course. As such, I have a strong interest in the school and its continuing success. I am a member of FOAS (Friends of Ashlands School) and have taken on the role of Treasurer. As a Company Director of a small local company I am involved in all aspects of its day-to-day running and management. Previously, I was a languages teacher at secondary level which has given me a good understanding of the education system



Liz Popham – Associate Governor
Responsibilities: Safeguarding, On-line Safety and Staff well being

I have one son who started at Ashlands in 2017 and I therefore have a keen interest in supporting the school to succeed. I am pleased to have been accepted as an Associate Governor. I have lived in Crewkerne for over 15 years and so I have a good understanding of local issues and an awareness of the current pressures on the education system. I am currently setting up as an Independent Weight Loss Consultant with Cambridge Weight Plan, reflecting my strengths helping people make positive changes in their lives. Previously I was a Child Protection Social Worker for Somerset County Council for 15 years and I am bringing a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill to my appointment.



Kay Dawson – Misterton Staff Governor
Responsibilities: Finance, Health & Safety and Assessment

I am the senior teacher at Misterton First School where I teach in Oak Class which is a mixed Reception/Year 1 class. Since joining the Federation in September 2016 I have enjoyed working with both the children and staff. I work closely with the teachers at Ashlands and feel we are a strong team. I am passionate about Special Educational Needs and in my role as SENCo I endeavour to do my best, alongside the class teacher, to ensure all children learn to be the best they can be. As staff governor I feel I will be able to contribute to the effective running of the school and ensure we provide an exciting, engaging and enriched curriculum for all our children.



Lucy Gosden – Ashlands Staff Governor 
Responsibilities: Sub groups (pupil Premium, English as an additional language and LAC) and attendance

I have worked as a class teacher at Ashlands Church of England First School for 4 years and have loved the welcoming atmosphere here. It is a wonderful school in which to work with fabulous staff and students. I am looking forward to using my time as a Staff Governor to ensure that effective communication is at the heart of the school which will help us deliver the best education possible to the students.





Leanne Haldane – Clerk to the Governors







Governance at The Crewkerne and Misterton Federation

The Governor’s role at Ashlands CofE First School, & Misterton CofE First School.

“The role of the Governor is largely a thinking and questioning role, not a doing role.”

As a member of the largest voluntary body in the UK school governors have three core functions in order to provide the highest standards of education:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school(s) and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school(s) and ensuring  financial probity

A Governor’s role is to advise and support the Headteacher and other members of the Senior Leadership Team and act as a ‘critical friend’.


Name of Governor Category of Governor Appointed Body Term of Office Details of position of Responsibility FDP 


Any Declared Business Interests
Nicola Ball Headteacher Elected Start April 2015 – 4 Years Headteacher All NONE
Mr Richard Barratt Vice Chair LA Started April 2015 – 4 Years Personnel / CISP/ Attainment (DATA) FDP 1 NONE
Vacancy Foundation Diocese RE/PSHE FDP 3
Vacancy Ex-Officio Diocese Ethos in Diocesan Church Schools / Personnel including Headteacher performance FDP 3
Kay Dawson Staff Board  Started Oct 2017 – 4 Years  Finance / Health & Safety /Assessment FDP 2 NONE
Lucy Gosden Staff (Co-opted) Board  Started March 2018 – 4 Years Sub Groups (pp/eal/lac) / Attendance FDP 1 NONE
Liz Popham Co-opted Board Stated Oct 2017 – 4 Years Safeguarding / On-line Safety / Staff well being FDP 3 NONE
Elizabeth Clemow Co-opted Board Started April 2015 – 4 Years SEND & EYFS FDP 1/2 Printasleeve Ltd
Anthony Mulligan Parent  (Misterton) Board Started April 2015 – 4 Years Finance & Health & Safety


Eleanor (Ellie) Kading Parent (Ashlands) Board Started April 2015 – 4 Years Finance / Health & Safety / Numeracy / Personnel FDP 1/2 Perfectly Formed Songs Ltd
Vacancy Associate Board
Vacancy Associate Board



The following people have been members of the Governing Body. Their names will remain below for 1 year after they finished their term of office so they can be identified on any GB minutes.

Revd Jonathon Morris Ex-Officio Diocese Left Role July 2017 Ethos in Diocesan Church School and Personnel
Andrew North Co-Opted Board Left Role July 2017 EYFS
Diana Hunt

Adam Pilton

Rev Craig Sinclair







Left Role July 2017

Left Role November 2017

Left Role June 2018

Why become a Governor?

If you have an interest in helping the federation of schools become the best schools possible in terms of providing education from EYFS to Year 4, then offering your services as a Governor will allow you to contribute directly to this end.

If you had a good experience of education you may be driven by wanting to contribute to a similar experience for today’s young people; equally if your experience was less than good you may wish to contribute to improve the educational experience of students today.

If you are interested in the role as a Governor of the Schools, please contact us using one of the methods below.

It is, if course, not always possible to offer a post to volunteers if particular skill set or experience already exist within the Board and other subject experience is missing.

CONTACT email: office@mistertonfirst.somerset.sch.uk adding ‘GOVERNOR-INFORMATION’ in the subject line.

There are other committees that meet as necessary to consider issues such as parent complaints, staff dismissal, pupil discipline and the Headteacher’s performance management. From time to time working parties are formed for specific, time limited work.

On rare occasions when parents feel they have a complaint that cannot be resolved within the School, there are procedures in place to ask for Governors’ assistance. This is outlined in the Complaints Policy.

All Governors are contactable via the Misterton School Office:  office@mistertonfirst.somerset.sch.uk and by post.

Links to Key Governor Documents here

Governor Handbook 2017-19

Governor Induction Policy V1

chairs report 2016-17