Online Safety

At Misterton First School E-safety is an important part of keeping children safe. We have a range of security measures in place to help safeguard children from potential dangers and unsuitable material.

Any e-safety incidents are recorded and managed according to our e-safety policy.

Online safety policy elim 2017school updated October 2017

E-safety is taught across all year groups, children can demonstrate and say how they stay safe on line. They know who they can talk to if they see or read anything that upsets them, this includes at home.

Some useful parent information sites:


 Mobile Phones

Advice on smartphones – UK Safer Internet Centre

Mumsnet advice on mobile phones

 Social Networks

Advice for teenagers using social networks – Mumsnet

Parent’s guides to Instagram and Snapchat

How to report concerns to Facebook (pdf) – eLIM

Age limits and terms of conditions (pdf) – eLIM

Share Aware – NSPCC

Club Penguin advice for parents

Be Web Smart reviews of social network apps and sites for parents

E-Safety Newsletter

Click on the link below for the newsletter:-