At Misterton Church of England First School, in partnership with Ashlands Church of England First School, we offer a range of clubs that run after school hours and at lunch times. All clubs finish at 4:30pm, unless otherwise stated.



Miss Ball runs a lunchtime Choir club for Years 1, 2, 3 and 4, where children learn to sing a range of songs, from a variety of genres and styles. As well as learning different techniques used in choir singing.


Kwik Cricket

This half term, children from all years are participating in Kwik Cricket Club run by an external coach. This is in addition to the Kwik Cricket we are learning in PE lessons. This club finishes at 4:15pm on Tuesday.


Country Dancing Club

Miss Wines is running Country Dancing Club on Wednesday for all years. They are learning a range of traditional dances to music which they will perform in Wells later on in the year.


Gardening / Wildlife Club

Miss Knight is running a Gardening and Wildlife Club on Thursday for all years. They will help develop the outside spaces around Misterton C of E First School by planting flowers, herbs and vegetables. They will watch them grow and will harvest the produce from their hard work.