At Misterton Church of England First School, in partnership with Ashlands Church of England First School, we offer a range of clubs that run after school hours and at lunch times. All clubs finish at 4:30pm, unless otherwise stated.



Miss Ball runs a lunchtime Choir club for Years 1, 2, 3 and 4, where children learn to sing a range of songs, from a variety of genres and styles. As well as learning different techniques used in choir singing.



This half term, children from all years are participating in Athletics Club run by an external coach. This is in addition to the Athletics we are learning in PE lessons. This club finishes at 4:15pm on Tuesday.


History Club

Miss Knight is running a History Club on Wednesday for all years. They are learning about different eras of history, you can find photos of the activities that they have done below.

Stone Age to Iron Age

We used materials in our Outdoor Area that would have been available in the Stone Age to build a shelter.

It stayed secure for days!


Ancient Egypt

We made our own paper papyrus and used a wooden stick to write hieroglyphics.

Can you work out what this says?

Ancient Greece

We discovered that the Ancient Greeks had loads of inventions, including the sundial which we made.


We looked at how the Romans transported objects for trade and for use. We then made Amphora from Terracotta clay to hold our own things in.


We learned about the Viking Longboats which we made out of paper. We then put them into water and they floated!

Discovery of New Lands

We looked at a map of the known world in 1000AD. We compared this to a modern map and found lots of countries were undiscovered. We used the iPads to look up when these lands were found.

Victorians and the British Empire