Welcome to Cedar Class!

Hello and thank you for visiting our page. We have a lot of fun in Cedar Class and hope you enjoy learning about what we do.

If you would like to find out anything else about our class then please come and see us.

Class Teacher: Miss Wines

TA: Mrs Parry

TA: Mrs Bell/ Mrs Harris

What is it like to be in Cedar Class?

Each morning we welcome the children at the door where parents/guardians can come in and settle their child to a morning activity.

Although we follow a timetable for different subjects – we have literacy and numeracy every morning – as much as possible we follow a topic-based curriculum, where subjects support each other allowing the children to put everything they learn into context. This way of working is really beneficial for the children. It is also an exciting way for them to learn, enabling them to make links between subjects and the wider world.

During the day children will work directly with an adult (teacher and/or teaching assistant) on directed activities, work in groups or pairs and work independently.

The classroom is designed to support the children’s learning. Displays are informative, supporting our areas of learning and displaying the children’s work.

How do we make sure the children are learning?

We provide a rich variety of learning experiences for the children and their learning is monitored on a regular basis. Children work with adults in guided sessions set at a level appropriate to them, where they can be supported and challenged affectively. Observations are recorded and assessment of their learning is used to inform the next day’s learning. Children are also encouraged to be involved in their own learning, and think about what they need to do to improve. All children have a target to work on in Literacy and Maths which helps them to understand the next steps in their learning.


Children in Cedar Class read regularly through the week. This is either independently, with an adult or as a guided reading session, where we teach the children skills for reading – not only how to read the words, but to have a good understanding of the text.

Children are encouraged to read regularly at home either to an adult or to themselves and record their reading in their reading diaries.

Each child has a treasure map in the back of their reading diaries to show how much reading they are doing at home. When they reach certain stepping stones they will receive certificates in assembly and a prize when they reach 100!

Home-school links

A partnership with parents is very important to us. Our door is always open to parents/guardians who wish to know more about their child’s learning. We can talk informally with you before or after school, however if you have a more pressing concern, an appointment can be made with either Miss Wines or Mrs Wills.

Parents are invited to watch our class assembly where we will show you what we have been learning about that term. We have ‘Come to school with your child’ week, where you can join in with a normal lesson and see how the children are learning. We have two parents’ evenings a year where you can find out how your child is getting on, and a detailed report is sent home in the summer term. We also send out a short report in the autumn and spring term to give you an idea of how your child is progressing.

We are always happy to have parent helpers in class so if you are interested please speak to Miss Wines.