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Thank you for visiting the Cedar Class webpage. We are a mixed class of Year 2, 3 and 4 students. This page will hopefully show you what we get up to in our classroom and show you how much fun with have while learning.




The adults in our class:

Miss Alice Wines- Teacher                                                Mrs Sue Parry- Higher Level Teaching Assistant

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Mrs Sharon Harris- Higher Level Teaching Assistant                Mrs Sharon Bell- Higher Level Teaching Assistant


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Our learning

Autumn term

Autumn curriculum letter: curriculum letter autumn 17 for website

autumn topic web: topic-web-cedar-2017 aut

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This Autumn term we are learning about The Tudors and learning about Tudor houses in our local area.

So far, we have built a Tudor house in the classroom as our role play and can’t wait to find out more.

Here is a link to our Autumn topic web to show our learning in each area of the curriculum:



We have been looking at poetry this past week and were inspired by the poem socks. It is very funny! We wrote our own poem about shoes from this work. In mixed year group pairs we wrote a verse each and then put it together to make a poem.

Cedar class shoe poem

Inspired by Socks


Black shoes, long shoes

Pink party shoes

Wellie boots that you once wore to a fair shoes.


Green shoes and pink shoes

Heelies and bowling shoes

Old shoes that have never been washed.


Stinky shoes and pinky shoes

Black shoes, gooey shoes

I prefer the old shoes


Funny shoes, party shoes

Heelies and big sandy sandals.


Blue shoes, green shoes

Grey shoes, party shoes

And some very cheesy shoes


Clown shoes and scuffed shoes,

Shiny shoes and smelly shoes

Brown and red high heels and flip flops

Fine pastel shoes and pink glowing shoes.


Long shoes, short shoes

Roller skates and ice shoes

But shoes that smell so badly they have to go in the bin shoes.


Green stinky shoes and wet welly boots

Sparkly shoes and blue shoes.


Shiny shoes and whiney shoes

Climbing shoes and slimy shoes

And last but not least rhyming shoes


Green shoes and blue shoes

Grey shoes and inbetween shoes

Frilly shoes and freckled shoes

And finally finished shoes


School shoes and welly boots

Ice skates and roller skates

Sparkly shoes and smelly shoes

Shoes that haven’t been worn.


Pink shoes bowling shoes

Yellow shoes and green shoes

Hello shoes which talk


New shoes, smelly shoes

Dirty shoes and charity shoes

Party shoes and black shoes

Shoes that I’d- rather not wear.


Red shoes, shiny shoes

Glittery shoes, bowling shoes

And shoes that don’t like to be worn- the runaway shoes!!


Red shoes, silly shoes

Brown shoes, bronze shoes

Green shoes, scuffed shoes

And shoes that have seen better days!


These are all the shoes that you might see in our class shoes!


Misterton School had a very unusual letter today, it was from Father Christmas. He was asking us to write to him to tell him what we wanted for Christmas. We quickly decided we better write our letters and in Cedar class we decided we better be very persuasive to convince him to bring us our presents. The letters have been sent so we’re hoping we get what we’ve asked for this year.



Today we had our Ukulele performance! We performed a range of songs that we have learnt from the beginning of September. We can’t believe how quickly the time has gone and how much we have learnt. We are so grateful to Somerset Music for their amazing tuition and fun lessons. Some of us will definitely be asking for a ukulele for Christmas! A video clip of the performance will be uploaded soon.

Today we were visited by our police community officer to talk to the whole school about being safe walking and crossing roads. He brought model lights and a pedestrian crossing so children could practise how to cross the road safety. Ben was also impressed with the number of children who wear high-vis jackets especially with it becoming darker in the evenings.



We were very lucky today to be visited by teachers and play leaders from Maiden Beech. The playground leaders spent a lesson learning about their responsibilities and games that they could play with younger children in the school.






To celebrate Harvest we had a morning of Harvest activities, we had three activities and the children were in their houses to complete the activities. In one group the children made a bird feeder out of cheeioes. In another group the children made a window hanging decoration. For the last activity children made a guessing game and then played it in pairs. The groups had a great morning and really enjoyed working with children from other year groups. It was lovely to see older children in Cedar helping those new to the school.


To finish the day we visited the church to celebrate in our harvest festival. Every child took part in a presentation or song. Well done!


To start our instruction writing we visited Mr Taylor’s orchard in the village and picked some apples. We followed instructions to make apple crumble. It was scrumptious! We not only learnt how to harvest apples but it kick started our instruction writing. Thank you Mr Taylor for allowing us to visit your orchard!


We were lucky today to have our local community officer visit today. Ben came in to answer any questions the children had and to reassure them that was always in the area to support them. The children loved his radio and camera.


Cedar class have started our weekly Ukulele lessons. We have already learnt how to hold our instrument and play a short tune. The instruments have gone home so practise as much as you can and remember to bring them in on a Wednesday morning.

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