Cedar Class

Thank you for visiting the Cedar Class webpage. We are a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 students. This page will hopefully show you what we get up to in our classroom and show you how much fun we have while learning.

The adults in our class:


Miss Alice Wines Class Teacher


Mrs Sue Parry Higher Level Teaching Assistant










Mrs Sharon Harris Higher Level Teaching Assistant

While Cedar class are working from home, I will post photos of work and what Cedar class have been up to during this time.

Cedar class total for number of flights of stairs climbed: 477!

Information about the Stair challenge:


Today’s word of the day is nasal



Have a look at the great work Mackenzie has done this week:


Reuben has been busy with his work too:



Finely has not only worked hard this week but climbed 150 flights of stairs! That’s higher than the Carnary Wharf Tower in London. Well done Finley!


Summer worked hard on Friday and climbed 7 flights of stairs!


This is Holly’s great work from Friday


Have a look at Sienna’s great work from Friday


Green leaves and house points for this week, well done Cedar class!

Green Leaves aut 2 week 3
cedar house points tally chart 17.11

Here are photos of children’s work from Thursday



Word of the day today was: skulk



Summer has earned her 30 reads certificate, well done Summer!

Holly has done some great times table practise and climbing many flights of stairs!


Summer completed some great English and Maths work. She also took part in the stair challenge. Well done Summer!


Joseph worked hard on his Maths and French work


Look at Sienna’s great work from yesterday:

Reuben created a great cartoon for our word of the day! He also climbed enough flights of stairs the same as The Seattle Space needle! Wow!

Harvey has a piece of paper at the top of the stairs to record how many steps he’s done? How are you recording your steps?

Today’s word of the day was blurt

Yesterday, Holly took on The Stair challenge and climbed 21 flights of stairs- 14 of those in one go! That’s the same height as the Millennium dome in London! Go Holly!


Sienna jumped straight into the work from home yesterday. She completed the Maths problem solving questions, fronted adverbial sentences in English, the coding work on Scratch for computing and put the word of the day into a sentence. Well done Sienna!


The Word of the day today is famished


Look at this picture Reuben’s Mum sent me today, even though he was at home he wanted to put on his school uniform, help out around the house and complete his school work. Well done Reuben!