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Thank you for visiting the Cedar Class webpage. We are a mixed class of Year 2, 3 and 4 students. This page will hopefully show you what we get up to in our classroom and show you how much fun we have while learning.

The adults in our class:


Miss Alice Wines Class Teacher


Mrs Sue Parry Higher Level                                 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sharon Harris

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Welcome Cedar Class

While we are distance learning, work will be emailed home to parents for you to complete. Any great examples of work or ‘Wow’ moments will be shared and celebrated here. You can also get an update on House points and Green leaves each week.
Hope you can see how serious I am about being house point monitor!
House Point Totals:
Bincombe: 1
I have really enjoyed all the work and independent activities parents have been sending me, keep it up!

Giulio followed an online tutorial to draw a dragon, he also drew a picture of him using the tutorial to draw the dragon!


Look how cute they are!

Deven’s online safety work

word of the day:


Activities from Space week

check out Sienna’s amazing Powerpoint about Mars

Mars (1)

Green Leaves sum 2 wk 5


Word of the day


Have a look at Sienna’s great story! Can you solve the riddle?


Reading certificates for Deven and Presley

presley 100 reads


Giulio has become very interested in learning about The Falcon after listening to a radio program on migration. He created a great presentation and poster about the animal.

Sienna using a smooth ball and a spiky ball on a slope and then measuring the distance it travelled.

Activities for Music week

Joseph enjoyed completing a boat making project that Maisie was doing for her distance learning.

Check out Sienna’s write up on Boules and how fantastic her handwriting is!

Word of the day


Green Leaves sum 2 wk 4


Deven practising to tell the time


Great Maths work from Joseph this week.

Activities for Sport week


Activities celebrating the Queen’s Birthday


Word of the day

I have been so impressed with all the work Cedar class are sending me to tell the time! Well done and keep going!

Cedar class were challenged with writing their spellings but not using pencil or crayons. Look how creative Eliza was to practise her spelling!

Sienna painted her spellings!

Sienna out on a bike ride enjoying the sunshine before the downpour yesterday. Anyone else have very rumbly thunder?


Deven enjoying the sunshine and her socially distanced Karate lesson with her brother and sister.


Word of the day:

Friday activities for The Queen as a significant person:

Cedar class Friday activities

The Queen is the longest reigning monarch in British history. She represents the Royal family and is an important person in England. On the 13th June it was the Queens official birthday.

To celebrate this, research why the Queen has two birthdays and how these are both celebrated.

Then choose three of the activities from the list below to complete:

  1. Create a family tree of The Queen and The Royal Family.
  2. Have a go at the Maths who is sitting where puzzle for the Queen’s birthday party.
  3. Create a model of Buckingham Palace, you can use the building material of your choice. Hmmm… cake!
  4. Write down a paragraph of what you would do if you were The Queen or a king for the day.
  5. Make a crown and have a tea party for lunch, tea and sandwiches anyone?
  6. The Queen loves corgi dogs, watch this video and follow along to learn how to draw a corgi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTdzkojyijY .
  7. Watch the Horrible Histories clip on the English Queens and Kings. Try and memorise the list of kings and queens. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40qOAcz5bUM
  8. There are two animals on the Royal coat of arms and three plants, find out what they are and what they represent. Design a coat of arms that represents you and your family.

Our work on Significant and famous people


Diary entries for our significant person

Have a look at Sienna’s marble run- how fab!!


Empathy day


30 Days Wild


link to Daniel England worship for Thursday afternoon on Pentacost

After watching a video about lions, Sienna created this great information poster


Deven’s Ginger bread house

Posters and research advertising places to visit in France

For World Environment day we researched and learnt about the Amazon Rainforest

I have also enjoyed a great presentation from Giulio on Ocelots- a species of big cat that live in the rainforest- I learnt a lot from the video! Well done Giulio


Look at Sienna’s great Artwork inspired by the learning we have done on French Artists

Cedar class wrote letters to their family members they might not have seen for a while to practise their letter writing skills. Here are some great examples:

Welcome back after half term here is some of the activities that Cedar class got up to over half term:

The Cole sisters’s garden!


Here is some Science work on Vertebrates and Invertebrates:

Deven’s timetable of the day for our work on time this week:

Yesterday Cedar class had a themed day for Mental Health awareness week. The activities were to try and help boost our mental health. Cedar class spent time on their hobbies, tried to improve or learn a new skill and spent time being helpful to people at home.

Sienna made me smile with a picture of me in my garden!

Cedar class had to label the parts of a flower for Science. Here are some examples of their work with very clear labeling!



Adverts for Monday’s English lesson

Video adverts:

magazine adverts:



Green Leaves week 6

Look what other fun things Cedar class have got up to. The Cole sisters have been busy in the garden planting lettuce, sunflowers and cucumbers. Deven has made a chocolate owl cake and crafting hair bands.



Here are some great examples of Cedar class’s work on Money and labelling food labels in french.


TT Rockstars results are in!

The winners of the maths battle between Cedar class vs Miss Wines is….. Cedar class!!

Well done to these children for taking part in the battle, you made me work hard!

  • Eliza
  • Sienna
  • Mackenzie
  • Lily
  • Chloe
  • George
  • Guilio
  • Teegan

House point to each of you for taking part and we will have to see what this week’s challenge will be!

In RE we read the story of Jesus ascending to Heaven and drew pictures of the Holy Spirit


To learn about France Cedar class drew maps of Northern France and Southern France. They then found out what the climate is like there.

This week we have been writing the story of Hanzel and Gretal. Here are some parts of the story

Over the weekend it was National Fair Trade day so Cedar class researched what Fair Trade was and then completed different activities relating to Fair Trade.


Did you know that footballs can be Fair Trade? This makes sure that the workers who make them are paid fairly!

For Science at the beginning of the week you had to identify the pictures for what plants need to survive.

Did you work them out?
  1. water
  2. sunlight
  3. heat
  4. oxygen
  5. time
I thought the clock was a tricky one but plants need time to grow. To prove this, here is a photo of my broad bean plants in my garden. The first picture is just after the Easter holidays and now! I think you can see how much they have grown in that time!


Here are some photos of Cedar class completing Science experiment on plants.


Sienna made some 3D shapes to help her solve her Maths problem solving questions- well done!

Love this photo of Deven reading, the dog on the front cover of her book looks like her dog!

Here are some photos of Cedar class celebrating VE day




Songs to practise with Tom for VE day sing-a-long:
link for 11am Thursday morning to sing VE songs:
Learn a Wartime dance.
The Lindy Hop-. https://safeyoutube.net/w/cXI7
Charleston  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2IiIenn7qo
Lambeth Walk  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdSvLV-EgSA
Daniel England videos:


I was most definetly impressed with yesterday’s work. Cedar class were challenged to make biscuits or make a model of the witch’s house from Hanzel and Gretal for our rags to riches tale. Look what star bakers we have in Cedar class!!

For our France topic Cedar class were asked to research the natural and physical features of France and find out a fact about one of them. They then had to make a model of a physical feature. Can you guess what they are?


Cedar class visited the MoMa website and explored the French Artist Matisse. They looked at his ‘Drawing with Scissors’ style of work and created their own looking at the shapes in their garden.


Look at Joseph’s maths work on Parallel and perpendicular lines:

So over the weekend the weather was good enough on Saturday that I could paint my picnic bench that I’ve told a lot of you about. I wish I had taken a before picture as it really wasn’t looking its best. Now, however, it looks a lot better and I hope to sit out in the sun and enjoy. Here’s a picture of what it looks like now (when I first saw the colour, I wasn’t sure but I think it is growing on me…)

Chloe has found a new love of cooking while staying at home. She loves helping her Dad cook dinner in the kitchen! Chloe and Emily have also been practising balancing activities on the trampoline. Lovely to see them enjoying their hobbies and the big smiles!

Friday was National Space day and some of you completed the space related challenges. Here are some highlights:


Green Leaves week 4



Breaking news: Sienna has become a Breakthrough Artist on TTRockstars!! Keep rocking Sienna!


For Science today we had to explore the plants in our garden then label and draw one, not forgetting the roots under the ground

Sienna and Giulio retold the story of Pentecost as a comic while Chloe created a stop motion video

Eliza created different types of triangles and then labeled them


While Sienna facetimes her family to read to Granny and Grandad, Deven has found a great reader partner- her dog! What a cute photo! Anyone else read to their pets or teddies?


Today we research which flags have horizontal lines and which ones have vertical lines

Cedar class had to research what their favourite hobby was like in France, this could be famous Ballet dancers, the french football team or tennis.



Yesterday we learnt about horizontal and vertical lines, here are some of the outfits they designed for Mr or Mrs Horizontal and Vertical:


To start our France topic Cedar class researched some facts about the country:


The results are in! These children have read chapter 1 of Banana Boy slides again and answered the quiz. House point to:
Eliza investigated the different angles she has in her name

Sienna labeled the angles in her name! She also made some very lovely butterflies, by painting cling film and then printing the paint onto paper.
Giulio’s Earth Day poster
Green leaves awarded for this week:
Green Leaves week 3
Here is Cedar’s work for Earth Day:
Chloe planned a route to walk and collected these natural items while outside


Eliza worked hard in the garden and made a bug hotel


Deven’s bug hotel and poster


Giulio’s bird feeder, snack and art work


Sienna’s poster:

Today is Earth Day, here is Sienna’s poem:
Deven found out facts about penguins:

Giulio found out information about red pandas:


So for the first English lesson back I have asked the class to record what they did for their Easter holiday at home. This can be recorded how they like with a diary, photos and writing or using a program such as Powerpoint. Here is what I did over the Easter holidays.
To share what Giulio did over the Easter holiday he created a comic:

Deven wrote a great diary entry:
Sienna created a video log to show her Easter holiday, she made figures out of Fimo, planted some seeds and Bowser stared in the video too!

Chloe keep active in the garden and on walks:

Joseph had fun in his new ‘Chilling room’:

Eliza found out some great facts about Elephants from Chester Zoo:

Miss Wines’s Easter holiday
As the children in Cedar class know I do love my gardening. Here is a picture of my lovely but messy vegetable patch in my garden:

To start off the holidays, I spent a lot of time struggling to dig up the weeds that had taken over the top half of the garden. To get rid of the weeds, I had to furiously dig in the hot sun and turn over the ground while not disturbing the strawberry and raspberry plants that were already there in the ground. Digging the garden took two days but there is now a lot less weeds and the garden looks more like what a garden should do. This is what my strawberry plants look like now (on the bank the first bluebells are coming out too!):

After digging the garden, I then planted potatoes. Just like in school I have had potatoes ‘chitting’ on the windowsill. As you can see from the photo the plants are coming up so I will cover them with more soil to encourage them to grow. I also love sweet peas flowers so tied up canes and planted my sweet peas. My broad bean plants are growing nicely too!
I really enjoyed my time in the garden! The weather meant it was lovely to spend time organising the garden but also lazily relaxing in the sunshine!


Looks like Deven and her family had a great time over Easter too!


Sienna’s Top Tip: Grannies and Aunties love listening to you read over the phone and face time!

Green Leaves for this week go to……..

Green Leaves week 2


Here are a couple of Easter songs you can sing along to:



Youtube link for we have a king: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSFc_csqsc0
Youtube link for Lord of the dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTvR_MOT2Ig
Instructions for making a palm cross:
how to make a palm cross
Daniel England has very kindly recorded songs that we enjoy singing in Collective worship so children can sing along at home:

Eliza regularly practises her Maths challenge and spellings. This is her great explanation text for a two headed caterpillar!
Emily and Chloe spent a great afternoon celebrating Easter. They made their Easter bonnets, sung some songs and had an egg and spoon race!

The two have also been following kickboxing classes online! Great moves girls!

Great money container Chloe!
Deven’s picture of a Water unicorn, this inspired some great writing for her explanation text!

Look at Sienna’s great explanation text for a ‘Delightful Lego Deer!’ She worked really hard on this and should be proud of her work!
How fab is Deven’s money container!

Chloe made a great model for her writing and has been working hard on fractions. Well done!


Sienna has been working so hard this week, here is her write up for Science and her model for writing, its a deer that can be turned into a zebra!

Deven emailed her great fraction work and explanation of how to play Simpsons Monopoly- will have to play it sometime!


Giulio completed Science work this afternoon. Cedar class were challenged to find out what materials are best at muffling sound so they can’t be heard. He has written up his results and given an explanation as to why he thinks the blanket was the best.

Have a read of Sienna and Eliza’s fantastic pieces of work explaining how to play top trumps and The Logo Board game. I can clearly see the effort they put in to write a detailed piece of writing.


Shout out to Mia who is currently top of the Studyladder leaderboard! 261 correct questions practising her times tables!

George enjoyed playing Monopoly today and then writing an explanation text on how to play it. I like how he compared normal Monopoly to Voice Monopoly!
As you can see from the photos Sienna has made a rainbow and put up in her window. While it can be tricky not being able to see our friends at this time spotting rainbows in peoples’ windows definitely brings a little smile. Also what a great way to celebrate the fantastic work or our NHS. Has anyone else created a rainbow for their window? Send me pictures to put on the website if you have!



Green leaves for this week:
Green Leaves week 1
Giulio and Lily have sent me pictures of their money containers, I love how carefully they planned the design. Look at Lily’s decoration!

Deven has sent me a picture of her using blocks to make fractions

Joseph spend the morning making pancakes for his family, yummy!!

Look at Sienna’s great work for her money container!

Ashton’s great explanation text:

Two brothers found a creative place to read!

Here are some pictures of Cedar’s work on Fractions (Tuesday)


Well Done Sienna for practising her times tables and Year  3/4 words!
Well done Giulio for playing a board game and then creating a story based on the game!

Our Class Topic

Cedar Class Topic Spring 2020.doc



Class Letter Spring 2020

Cedar Class Letter Spring 2020