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Thank you for visiting the Cedar Class webpage. We are a mixed class of Year 2, 3 and 4 students. This page will hopefully show you what we get up to in our classroom and show you how much fun we have while learning.

The adults in our class:


Miss Alice Wines Class Teacher


Mrs Sue Parry Higher Level                                 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sharon Harris

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Welcome Cedar Class

While we are distance learning, work will be emailed home to parents to complete. Any great examples of work or ‘Wow’ moments will be shared and celebrated. You can also get an update on House points and Green leaves.
Hope you can see how serious I am about being house point monitor!


House Point Totals:
Seaborough: 2
Bincombe: 7
Windwhistle: 5
I have really enjoyed all the work and independent activities parents have been sending me, keep it up!


Sienna’s Top Tip: Grannies and Aunties love listening to you read over the phone and face time!

Green Leaves for this week go to……..

Green Leaves week 2


Here are a couple of Easter songs you can sing along to:



Youtube link for we have a king: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSFc_csqsc0
Youtube link for Lord of the dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTvR_MOT2Ig
Instructions for making a palm cross:
how to make a palm cross
Daniel England has very kindly recorded songs that we enjoy singing in Collective worship so children can sing along at home:

Eliza regularly practises her Maths challenge and spellings. This is her great explanation text for a two headed caterpillar!
Emily and Chloe spent a great afternoon celebrating Easter. They made their Easter bonnets, sung some songs and had an egg and spoon race!

The two have also been following kickboxing classes online! Great moves girls!

Great money container Chloe!
Deven’s picture of a Water unicorn, this inspired some great writing for her explanation text!

Look at Sienna’s great explanation text for a ‘Delightful Lego Deer!’ She worked really hard on this and should be proud of her work!
How fab is Deven’s money container!

Chloe made a great model for her writing and has been working hard on fractions. Well done!


Sienna has been working so hard this week, here is her write up for Science and her model for writing, its a deer that can be turned into a zebra!

Deven emailed her great fraction work and explanation of how to play Simpsons Monopoly- will have to play it sometime!


Giulio completed Science work this afternoon. Cedar class were challenged to find out what materials are best at muffling sound so they can’t be heard. He has written up his results and given an explanation as to why he thinks the blanket was the best.

Have a read of Sienna and Eliza’s fantastic pieces of work explaining how to play top trumps and The Logo Board game. I can clearly see the effort they put in to write a detailed piece of writing.


Shout out to Mia who is currently top of the Studyladder leaderboard! 261 correct questions practising her times tables!

George enjoyed playing Monopoly today and then writing an explanation text on how to play it. I like how he compared normal Monopoly to Voice Monopoly!
As you can see from the photos Sienna has made a rainbow and put up in her window. While it can be tricky not being able to see our friends at this time spotting rainbows in peoples’ windows definitely brings a little smile. Also what a great way to celebrate the fantastic work or our NHS. Has anyone else created a rainbow for their window? Send me pictures to put on the website if you have!



Green leaves for this week:
Green Leaves week 1
Giulio and Lily have sent me pictures of their money containers, I love how carefully they planned the design. Look at Lily’s decoration!

Deven has sent me a picture of her using blocks to make fractions

Joseph spend the morning making pancakes for his family, yummy!!

Look at Sienna’s great work for her money container!

Ashton’s great explanation text:

Two brothers found a creative place to read!

Here are some pictures of Cedar’s work on Fractions (Tuesday)


Well Done Sienna for practising her times tables and Year  3/4 words!
Well done Giulio for playing a board game and then creating a story based on the game!

Our Class Topic

Cedar Class Topic Spring 2020.doc



Class Letter Spring 2020

Cedar Class Letter Spring 2020