Breakfast Club 

Awake and Ready to GO!


Toast, Chatter,  Jam, Peaches, Honey, Marmite, Smiles, Grapes, Bananas, Games, Fun, Juice, Milk, Rice Crispies, Weetabix ………………

We offer Before School Care from 8am to 8.45 am.

Breakfast Club

8-8.45 am – Just £3 per day including breakfast if you need it £2 if you don’t!

Early Drop Off

8.30-8.45am – Just £1 per day

To book a place please click on the link below to our online booking form. Please note bookings using this can only be made a week in advance. If you wish to book in for the current school week, please contact the school office on 01460 72745.


Our usual provision during the lockdown period starting January 5th 2021 has been suspended. Please use the link below if you are a Critical Worker or your child is eligible to attend under the Vulnerable Child category.

We are currently providing an early drop off at 8.30am.